Installing Adbrite Joomla Module
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  Installing Adbrite Multi Display Type Mode Joomla Module - By Anen Wu

I have just released Adbrite ads module for Joomla .

I tried to find around good Joomla module for Adbrite, however most of them does not provide complete selection for ads display mode you are going to use.

Ok this Adbrite module supports:

  • Leaderboard (728 x 90) - text/banner & inline
  • Leaderboard (468 x 60) - text/banner & inline
  • Skyscraper (120 x 600) - text/banner & inline
  • Wide skyscraper (160 x 600) - text/banner & inline

Steps to install:

  • Login as administrator
  • Select menu Installers -> Modules
Adbrite Step 1
  • Click Browse button and select and click on Upload File & Install button
ADbrite Module Step 2
  • Click Continue link
  • Select menu Modules -> Site Modules
Adbrite Module 3
  • From list of modules, click on  Adbrite Multi Display Type Mode
  • What you need to do now is only to select on which position (left, right, footer, etc) to display your ads and fill in your Adbrite SID for respective display type, select text and background colors and which display ad type mode you want to use.

Congratualations you have just installed Adbrite Ads module.

I m still working to enhance this module and other new modules will be coming soon. So ensure you subscribe to our newsletter or register free membership to stay tune.