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Installing and Using YouCMSAndBlog Utility Print E-mail
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Simon Moore Højer from has developed another GNU license based utility installer for users to speed up installation of YouCMSAndBlog.

Basically this utility will assist you in installing YouCMSAndBlog IDE, its plug ins and taglist. You even can edit the taglist in GUI mode instead of have to open it up using text editor. I hope Simon will enhance this utility in a future into more features rich specific, for example a step by step wizard to create a new taglist for another CMS (Pligg, Moodle, and so on).

All feedback can be posted to Simon and he is kind enough to support questions regarding his new utility for YouCMSAndBlog.

Cool work, Simon.

Following user guide is written by Simon and you can get original copy from

Installing the Utility

  1. Unzip and run Setup.exe

  2. When the installer starts you will see this screen:
    Click 'Next >'
  3. In the next screen click ‘Next >’ again
  4. Read the license and accept it if you agree
    Click 'Next >'
  5. Choose where to install the Utility and deside if it should only be install for you or everyone using the computer.
    Click 'Next >'
  6. Click 'Next >'
  7. The installation will start
  8. A short “Readme” text will be shown
    Click 'Next >' again
  9. Now you have installed the utility and can click on ‘Close’

Using the Utility

Now you have installed the utility and are ready to use it.

Start the utility by clicking the shortcut created in your desktop

Installing the IDE

  1. First time you start the Utility you should see something like this:

    Just click ‘Install YouCMSAndBlog IDE’.

  2. Now a popup should appear asking if you alredy have YouCMSAndBlog installed. The reason why is that you might already be using the IDE and just want to use this Utility to create shortcuts and install plugins and taglist.


    If you already are using the IDE click ‘Yes’ and and skip (3a) and go directly to (3b).
    If you do not already use the IDE click ‘No’ and go to (3a).

  3. Now the install will start
    a. If you do not already have the IDE on your computer you will be asked where to install it.

    It is recommended that you choose the folder where all your other software is installed. On a Windows machine this would be something like ‘C:\Program Files’.

    A file selection dialog will appear asking you to select the zip-file containg the IDE.

    b. Now you will asked where you want to install the shortcuts.


    You can have a shortcut on the desktop and in the Start Menu.

  4. You Now have installed the IDE and the Utlity should change in to something like this:


Launcing the IDE

If you want you can launch the IDE directly from this Utility by clicking the ‘Launch YouCMSAndBlog IDE’


Installing Taglist

When you want to install a new taglist in the IDE it normally require you to copy files and edit the configuration.xml file.

But using this utility makes a lot easier:

  1. Download the new taglist (or create your own) and click on ‘Install YouCMSAndBlog Taglist’.


    Some taglist may come packed in a zip-file, but in order for the Utility to install them you must first unzip them, because the utility will need the xml files.

  2. Now a new window will appear asking for the settings that need to be written to the configuration.xml file.


  3. The first one you should fill is the ‘Tag template path’.
    Just click the textbox and file selection dialog will appear asking you to select the taglist file.


    When you click ‘Open’ a new dialog will ask if the Utillty should look for the settings in the file and automatically use them in the form.


    What this means is that in some of the taglist, the creator of the taglist, have been kind enough to write the correct settings inside a comment, in the format that it should be in the configuration.xml file. One taglist that does this is the Joomla15 that I’ve downloaded from
    The utility can identify this section and use it to fill the form.
    It is recommended always to say yes to this search as it can help you fill the settings correctly. If you say yes and the Utility doesn’t find anything it will just leave the form as it is.

    This shows how the form is filled when I said ‘yes’ installing the Joomla15


  4. If you need help filling out the form, where the utility can’t help you, please consult the creator of the taglist or check to see if you can get any help there.

  5. When you are satisfied with the result just click ‘Ok’ and next time you start YouCMSAndBlog IDE the new taglist should be found in the dropdownlist.

Installing plugin

When you want to install a new plugin in the IDE it normally require you to remember where you installed the IDE and then copy the files in to the correct folder.

But using this utility makes a lot easier:

  1. Download the new plugin and click on ‘Install YouCMSAndBlog Plugin’.


  2. A file selection dialog will appear and ask you to select the plugin to install.


    The file you select must be a zip-file containing the plugin.

  3. When you click ‘Open’ the plugin will be installed and the next time you open the IDE it should be found in the ‘Plugin’ menu.

Uninstalling the IDE

If you ever for any reason (can’t se why) would want to uninstall the IDE just click the ‘Uninstall YouCMSAndBlog’.


You will be asked to confirm your action before the IDE is uninstalled.
When you uninstall it all files will be deleted, including shortcuts and installed taglist and plugins.

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