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VivoCiti Google AJAX Translator makes uses of Google AJAX's machine translation capabilities to provides your website with this powerful translator tool.
As end of March 2008, Google only allows only maximum 500 characters to be translated.

Select the target language below and click on the translation button below for demo:

YouCMSAndBlog Joomla Plugin Generator Wizard

The most unique & powerful feature of Google AJAX Machine Translator is that you can translate the entire article content on your website or you can set certain paragraph to be translated as you want. The powerful part of Google AJAX machine translation is that it can detect the languages (Arabic, Chinese Simplified or Traditional, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian or Spanish) of your article content or a piece of text without you have to tell what is your original language that need to be translated and it will translate it into any of the supported Google Translate languages (Arabic, Chinese Simplified or Traditional, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian or Spanish).

Below is the example how easily you can use VivoCiti Google Ajax to provide above feature to your website:


There is two release, one for Joomla 1.0 and another for Joomla 1.5 Native.

You can download the plugin or mambot from here

Discuss (5 posts)
Re:VivoCiti Google AJAX Translator
Apr 12 2008 04:26:16

you only need to install this joomla plugin to 1.0 and 1.5, enable it and start to using it. As long as less than 500 chars supported by Google, should be translated.

what i m thinking for next version of this plugin is to prompt a message or printed out if chars exceeded 500 chars.

or make it a bit more intelligent, i.e. split sentences to 500 chars for each request to Google Ajax service for the translation.

i need some time to try out this idea.
Re:VivoCiti Google AJAX Translator
Apr 11 2008 18:11:12
To me exactly the same thing happens do you need to introduce some APIs KEY google somewhere in the HTML page so that it can function properly? I have tried to translate a sentence and not anything else, at least we need a little more information about this module and how to set it up.

Re:VivoCiti Google AJAX Translator
Apr 06 2008 04:58:40
hi everyone, latest information I got from the web:
As March 2008, Google only allows only maximum 500 characters to be translated.
I have updated the example and now it is working again.

Hopefully Google will increase total of chars for translation in a future.

anyone is welcome to update this post in a future.

Re:VivoCiti Google AJAX Translator
Apr 04 2008 13:59:14
hi marcel,

indeed it is true when i tried to click on itself tonight and some other websites which provide example of Google Ajax Translation.

For this moment, I have no idea why it happened but definitely there is something goes at Google's site. have no problem since first time i launched this plugin till now.

will post here for whatever news about this issue.

if any other members know some news about this, pls help to share it here as well.

thanks !
VivoCiti Google AJAX Translator
Apr 03 2008 18:05:50
Hello,nice plugin, however when I press translate nothing happens, not om my site as well on vivocity. I tried it with IE7 and FireXox.
See homepage below at my

Kind regards,

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