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Introduction to JavaFX Script - By Anghel Leonard

What Is JavaFX?

In the spring of 2007 Sun released a new framework called JavaFX. This is a generic name because JavaFX has two major components, Script and Mobile, and, in the future, Sun will develop more components for it.

The core of JavaFX is JavaFX Script, which is a declarative scripting language. It is very different from Java code, but has a high degree of interactivity with Java classes. Many classes of the JavaFX Script are designed for implementing Swing and Java 2D functionalities more easily. With JavaFX Script you can develop GUIs, animations, and cool effects for text and graphics using only a few straightforward lines of code. And, as a plus, you can wrap Java and HTML code into JavaFX Script.

The second component, JavaFX Mobile, is a platform for developing Java applications for portable devices. It will eventually be a great platform for JavaFX Script, but for now is largely irrelevant to the content of this article.


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