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Free YouCMSAndBlog WYSIWYG IDE Released Print E-mail

YouCMSAndBlog WYSIWYG IDE is a free editor I have recently created. It aims to support Windows since this IDE was developed with Microsoft C#  and Linux based environment soon (Mono).

With this IDE, you can have interactive environment when designing your Joomla template. Easily inserting Joomla taglist by double clicking its supported list from the listbox on the left side of the IDE. You also can also modify existing taglist template by modifying joomla.tagllist.xml file, adding new tag, and so on.

It also mean is very easy for you to set up a new taglist template definition for other CMS or Blog template which currently not shipped together with the download. I will appreciate if you want to contribute back your new taglist template for other CMS or Blog taglist template by submitting it back to VivoCiti Download repository. 


YouCMSAndBlog WYSIWYG IDE Screenshot

It currently also supports Wordpress 2.3 and Blogger, but again easily you can create new template taglist and quick view to support other CMS template and blog template.

I will start to write tutorial about how to use this IDE for end user and gradually we will go through modification of existing taglist & quick view template to creation of new taglist template for other  CMS & Blog template or skins.

Features for this early release (Version 1.0):

  • Interactive View through True View and Quick View mode while you edit your template
  • Easily switch to Full Editor mode (like UltraEdit IDE), Full View mode or Hybrid mode (Default mode)
  • Code Syntax Highlighting (Coloring), which you can configure from your main configuration file using Regular Expression
  • Find words with color highlighting
  • With Quick View, users will not need to install CMS or Blog Engine on their local machine, i.e: Blogger Template, user can download the template and open it using this IDE to get a dummy view easily.
  • With True  View, user will get instant true view from your running CMS or Blog engine hosted locally.
  • Automatic back-up for all files you are editing but can be turned off.


Next Release features roadmap will be:

  • Support plug-ins 
  • Integration with PHP (running own PHP Engine)

Some simple demos:

  • Editing Joomla Template

  • Editing Wordpress Template

  • Editing Blogger Template


Happy coding  & give me your feedback.

For Windows version, you will need at .NET 2.0 Runtime or above installed on you machine. You can download from Microsoft website.

For YouCMSAndBlog IDE, you can download it from  here 



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