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Installing WordPress: An Audio Visual Presentation Print E-mail


Installing WordPress: An Audio Visual Presentation - By Teli Adlam

Installing WordPress doesn’t have to be a nightmare, but I know some people are still worried about messing something up along the way. Because I want to illustrate just how easy WordPress is to install, I’ve created a brief (6:32) audio visual walk through of the installation process. The video goes through creating a database, unzipping, modifying, and uploading the WordPress files, installing WordPress on the website, and updating the profile.


Some caveats, it is assumed that:

  • You are on PC
  • You are brand new to WordPress (i.e. this is basic info to advanced users)
  • Your web host is using cPanel
  • You have an understanding of how to manage and configure your FTP program

This video has been updated to use WordPress 2.2, if you wish to reference the old video (which goes through the process of setting up a database), the legacy WordPress installation video tutorial is still available.

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