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Free Favicons (favorite icons) Links and Tutorial Print E-mail

By CSSJuice

Favicons (favorite icons) are the small images that are associated with a website. It will be displayed on address bar, tabbed browsers and your bookmark list. Therefore, creating an outstanding favicon is particularly important for website branding. The basic guidelines for design a good favicon are “simple” and “unique”.

Here is the simple steps for beginners to set up favicons,
1. create a favicon (16 x16) for your sites;
2. upload favicon.ico to root directory;
3. copy and paste the code to header section;
<link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”favicon.ico” type=”image/x-icon” />
4. reload your sites and finish!

It is more complex if you want the favicons also work well at IE, for more information you might take a look the links at the bottom. And the generators below is selected from almost 50 favicon tools on the web. Simply drop me a message if you have any better suggestions.

Favicon Generators - a new web 2.0 feel favicon generator. You can draw by yourself or import images to generate favicons, and it also have a live preview function at the bottom. Recommended!

256pixels - raise a daily favicon design challenge via different topics. Great idea and worth to take a look.

Favicon2dots - unique Japanese favicon creator from any website URL.

Converticon - generate favicons from URL or your computers. Beware, sometimes it will have annoying pop-up ads.

FaviconTool - the coolest interface favicon generator.

Webscriptlab Favicon Generator - we mentioned this site before at 13 Online Generators For Web2.0 Design before.

Flavicon - they also offer custom favicons service.

Favicon Generator and Gallery - at this site you might choose the size of favicon before generation, and they also have a awesome favicons showcase. - clean favicon generator.

Dagondesign Favicon Generator


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