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Paid Links Are Spam ? Solve it now with VivoCiti Link Condom plugin Print E-mail

Paid Links Are Spam ? Solve it now with VivoCiti Link Condom plugin - By : Sunento Wu


Are you ready to combat spam comment link on your website (clean it up automatically without your manual intervention) or having paidlinks but not so sure will it affect your PageRank ? Link Condom will be the next buzzword and play a part for your website SEO

rel=”nofollow” is said going to be the next biggest to be used to prevent comment spam on blogs and this article has been posted in Google Blog

And looks like the usage of this attribute has not stopped here yet. Recently, Google’s Matt Cutts has raised quite some controversies in his blog by telling people how to report paid links. (Use the spam report form and include the word “paidlinks”.) He disclaims that this is just an experiment to collect more data at this point, but it still leaves a bad taste among many of the commenters on Matt’s post.

If you are webmaster with some paidlinks on your website, how are you so sure your paidlinks is linking to "right" website or "spam" website ? How if your website is linking to spam website and  this site is being blocked or reported to Google Spam Report ? Your website's may increase the chance having trouble in Google’s rankings.

According to Tamar website, IF you are linking to sites you are unsure of, and that may be unsure of their reputation or some content or ads they are running then there is something you can do negate any possible damage to your site. And that is to add in a No Follow Tag. So this attribute has been adapted so that it can be used to not pass on value or 'vote' for the site you are linking to. In essence you are saying I am linking to this site but I cannot vouch for it.

There are some obvious sites you may want to avoid linking to but also think about link farms (sites grouped together and linking in an unnatural way), thin affiliates or spammy sites. Google actually says: 'your own ranking may be affected adversely by those links'.

Example link using rel=”nofollow”

An example of the use of this attribute in a link is displayed below. The resulting link, while still visible to visitors, will not contribute to Google’s link popularity, PageRank or search engine ranking (not that they really need any).

HTML code:

<a href="" rel="nofollow">Am I Bad Link</a>

Are you ready to combat spam comment link on your website (clean it up automatically without your manual intevention) ? It would be easier now if you are using Joomla CMS with VivoCiti's free plugin, VivoCiti Link Condom which works like Swiss Army knife. 

Check it out at VivoCiti's Download section.




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